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Screw Compressor Terminals DB-S222

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The screw refrigeration compressors are now more and more widely used because of its large cooling capacity, less wearing parts, less maintenance work, high volumetric efficiency, low temperature of exhaust air and easy adjustment of cooling capacity.

Compressor terminals are important part of refrigeration compression system, It is a small spare part of a compressor, but works for power connections.So terminal for screw compressor is required for high performance for electricity transfer constantly and stable.

Surface Treatment: Environmental friendly chemical nickel plating technology is applied on the surface treatment of semi-hemetic compressor terminal, the nickel plating is about 5-10μm thickness.

Production flow

1. Raw material arrives →2. Inspection→3. Steel needle etching→4. Oil removing on metal cap→5. Assembly and sintering→6. Air tightness inspection→7. Nickel plating→8. Welding→9. Silicon process→10. ELectrical Inspection→11. Appearance inspection→12. QA inspection→13. Packaging→14. Delivery


Screw Compressor and their Terminal will be used in commercial and industrial refrigeration system, such as cold storage, collar logistics, commercial air conditioning, and marine refrigeration systems.

See details below:






Connection Mode



Insulation Resistance

DC1000V Min /1000MΩ

Withstand Voltage

AC2800VMin, leakage<0.5mA


Operating Temperature



Air tightness Resistance



Surface Treatment

Chemical nickel 5-10μm

Competitive Advantage: 

Screw Compressor Terminal plates have a large current carrying capacity, high voltage resistance, and strong mechanical stress resistance.

Our Screw compressor terminals can match well with most of the worlds famous compressors, like Hanbell, Bitzer and Fusheng. Also customization is available.