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How to solve it when screw compressor makes abnormal noise ?

Posted on 2018-11-02

From the structural principle, screw compressor has characteristics of stable operation and low noise compared with traditional piston compressor. However, many screw compressor users will encounter abnormal noise when the equipment operation, such as metal collision sound, uniform knocking sound, friction whistling sound and so on.What's going on?What cause the noise?How to solve it?

--- Abnormal Noise One

The compressor belt is too loose cause slip, there is an abnormal friction between the pulley and the belt.

Solution: Rotate to adjust bolts, adjust the belt to the proper tightness. The deformation is less than 5mm, but not too tight. After re-adjustment, run with load. If it still slips, replace the belt.

--- Abnormal Noise Two

Oil shortage when screw compressor runs, between the screws directly bite without lubricating oil,the dry friction of the metal produces howling.

Solution: Check the oil level, replace the oil filter, handle the fault location and adjust the system configuration.Filling oil in the compressor,let the oil level at least 3/4 of the rotor.

--- Abnormal Noise Three

The air intake valve is not closed strictly, air leakage is serious, makes air intake valve  backward and vibrated.

Solution: Replace or adjust faulty valves. (Leakage testing before installation of Valve)

When replacing internal parts such as valvesbuffersSprings and etc, all must be replaced at the same time;

--- Abnormal Noise Four

Motor bearing malfunction 

Solution:The obvious rolling and vibration sound is heard, indicating that the bearing gap is too large or seriously worn,bearing needs to be replaced;

The sound of the rolling body is dumb and the tone is heavy,indicating that the lubrication of the bearings grease is too dirty and there are impurities. It is necessary to use kerosene to clean the bearings and replace new lubricants.

--- Abnormal Noise Five

Some impurities enter the compressor, causing the screws collide with each other that produce a howling sound; The gap between the screws and bearing is too large,host bearing damaged.

Solution: Overhaul the compressor and adjust gap. In general, the gap ratio of the screw compressor should be controlled between 0.8 and 1.2 wires.or between 1.0 and 1.2.

Refrigerator Compressors have various noises due to different reasons. As a high-speed operation equipment, the different sounds indicate that the broken has already occurred. We must take appropriate measures to check and solve the problem as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the compressor production operation.

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