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compressor Crankcase heater fits for Copeland

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The crankcase heater is an electric heating tube.As compressor parts, the device is below the crankcase oil surface of the refrigeration compressor. It is linked to the host. When the host is working, crankcase heater stops,when host stop,crankcase heater keep working to heated. Make the compressor lubricant maintain a certain temperature, thus reducing the proportion of refrigerants dissolved in the oil.

The most important thing is crankcase heater could prevent the excessive viscosity of the oil and refrigerant mixture during the cold weather, which makes the compressor have greater starting resistance. For large compressor is generally use the crankcase heater to protect the compressor.


Semi-hermetic Compressor
piston compressor
scroll compressor
screw compressor

See tables below:




Electricity consumption

Rated power±10%

Insulation Resistance

≥ DC500V 10MΩ( normal temp

Insulation Withstand Voltage

AC1500V- 1min

Insulation withstand High temperature

DC500V- 3MΩ(single machine-50 s and test.

Withstand Voltage

DC500V- 10MΩ(testing after 96 hours in temperature 40,humidity 95%)

Torsion test

Bear 3G 2000C.P.M. with 8hours excalibur

Testing voltage Rated voltage

120% of rated voltage

The cylindrical degree of the shell


Competitive Advantage:

Crankcase heater is used to Protect the compressor

The crankcase heater keeps the compressor lubricating oil in certain temperature, thereby prevent the refrigerant being dissolved in the oil. So the compressor can start smoothly in cold weather.