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2018 China HVACR Exposition

Posted on 2018-11-02

The 19th China HVACR Exposition which supported and guided by China Ministry of Commerce, opened In Shanghai New International Expo Center,all the refrigeration industry companies come the exhibition show their products,the exhibition started from November 13,2018 and success closed on November 15,2018

As one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the domestic refrigeration industry, the china HVACR Exposition provides a higher level display platform for enterprises. It is a booster for economic development.
China HVACR 2018

This fair attracted more than 26 countries and regions, nearly 38,000 professional visitors.

Germany BITZER, HANBELL, Italy DORIN, Taiwan FUSHENG, Zhejiang DAMING, SNOWMAN,Shengang,Suzhou LIXI,Shanghai BEIFENG,Denmark DANFOSS,and many other well-known brands all brought fine products to display.

On the exposition shows all kinds of compressors,like scroll screw single two-stage compressorwide-temperature zone single two-stage compressorCO2 compressornew refrigeration screw compressor and etc.

And screw compressors as a representative of high-quality products, it’s core technology is gradually mastered by more and more enterprises...

Bitzer  ----refrigeration screw compressor and intelligent new products

About refrigeration screw compressors,BITZER engineer Bin Xu introduce in the CS series semi hermetic compact screw compressor add new CS105 typeHS95 medium-low temperature screw type and jet-enhanced scroll compressor ORBITFIT type.

About intelligent new products,BITZER engineer Ke Zhang introduce the new ECOSTAR intelligent condensing unit, which is equipped with a DC brushless motor and the latest active power compensation function.they makes the motor very efficient.

Hanbell  ----high efficiency compressors for low temperature

Hanbell’s new generation high efficiency LB series low-temperature special  compressors and LT-S series low-temperature single dual-stage compressors are very popular.LB-PLUS is suitable for -35℃~-5℃ field, such as mid-low temperature storage cold storage, quick-frozen storage, quick-frozen tunnel and so on. LT-S series dual-stage compression structural design makes it 30 % higher speed than the ordinary single-stage compression,the system refrigeration volume greatly increase, suitable for quick-freeze tunnels and quick-freeze libraries.

1. FuSheng  ----World's first scroll screw single dual-stage compressor

In FuSheng,the world's first scroll screw single dual-stage compressor  innovation the low-temperature market. This compressor changed the traditional dual-stage two screw to a scroll disk.Because the scroll compression has a small gap volume, which is as high as 95 % or more,the efficiency is 30 % higher than traditional screw.

Taizhou Dibai Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., we are specializing factory in research and development refrigeration compressor terminal plates.

We are the second largest factory in China. The production products mainly include semi hermetic compressor terminal plate, screw compressor terminal plate,  crankshaft heater. At present,has cooperated with the famous domestic brands Zhejiang Daming, Fujian Snowman, Beifeng, and Shenyang shenyileng for a long-term business . cooperation with . Meanwhile,we are negotiating with International brand like Dorin, Bitzer, and Hanbell.